COVID 19…you suck!

חלק אחת עשרה ושנים עשרה


March 13, 2020

We woke up to more rain and crazy wind. When we were here two years ago for Purim and the kid’s birthday, the weather was a little wishy washy with some light rain here and there, but it was nothing like this. I know this is not typical for Israel this time of year because all my Israeli friends say this is seriously out of the ordinary. At this point, the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is starting to overflow. Needless to say, we’re staying put today. I’m just going to hang out and cook for Shabbat.

Although this weather isn’t helping my mood, the news is starting to depress me. More schools and communities throughout the United States and Europe are shutting down. All my Israeli friends who are in the tourism business are now applying for unemployment. No one wants to take the chance of coming here and having to quarantine for 14 days. Honestly, I don’t think Israel wants anyone here either.

I need wine…


March 14, 2020

Today’s weather was absolutely insane. Finally waking up to a sunny day, the temperature suddenly plummeted and the rain returned. By the afternoon, we watched a thick fog approach from the horizon and take over the entire city. Nothing could be seen beyond the windowpane. It was intriguing to watch, considering there was nothing else to do today anyway. After several hours, the fog finally moved through and left us with a gloomy grey sky.

The one thing I don’t like about Shabbat during times like this is the disconnection from the rest of the world. Anxiously wondering what changes would meet us at the end of the day, my phone was on the second after finishing Havdalah (end to Shabbat). Considering the whacky weather and hearing news that Bibi would be giving a speech tonight regarding COVID 19, we opted to stay in the apartment and watch television.

Starting tomorrow morning, all cultural and leisure activities, including theaters, malls and restaurants not providing take away, are closed indefinitely. No more than ten people/employees can be in any facility at any given time and must adhere to the two-meter distancing. All day care, kindergartens and special education schools have been ordered closed indefinitely. Banks, gas stations and grocery stores will remain open with limited customers and social distancing.

We’ve also learned that Israel now has 193 active coronavirus cases – up 187 from two days ago. This shit is getting serious…

“Hey window pane,
Tell me, do you remember
How sweet it used to be?”

 I Can’t Stand the Rain – Ann Peebles

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